The Vesta Approach

The Vesta Approach is based on a behavioural model of treatment for alcohol and other drug use. This means that through working with a ‘concerned family member’, even when your loved one has no intention of changing, you can influence change in their behaviour. This means, you can influence their substance use.

There are four main principles to the programme which are:

  1. Rewarding your loved one when sober
  2. Communication Techniques
  3. Disabling enabling behaviours
  4. Withdrawing when your loved one uses

The idea is that your loved one will start to think about getting help for their drug or alcohol use through me supporting you to respond differently to their behaviour.

I will teach you the skills you need to respond differently when your loved one drinks or uses drugs so that they realise they do need to change. It will be hard work but it will be worth it. We will work together step by step and not only improve your life but hopefully get them the treatment they need too.


My mission is to support families and partners to recover from a loved one’s drug or alcohol use and improve their quality of life.


My vision is to provide services and forge a community, helping as many families as possible live their lives fully and free from addiction.


Friendship & Support

I am a friendly professional with a passion for supporting people through change. You can develop friendships and support each other through our community. You are not alone.

Goals and Results

I will support you to achieve your goals, get results and make a difference.

Resilience and Resourcefulness

I will help you to grow in resilience and resourcefulness, equipping you with great ideas and skills to encourage your loved one into treatment.

Quality and Satisfaction

I will listen to you and constantly evaluate and review the service so that you can get the best quality support you need, ensuring you are fully satisfied with the service.

Power, Hope, Optimism and Empathy

I believe you are powerful and can reduce or stop your loved one’s drug or alcohol use. My programmes are designed to give you hope and optimism that you can change your life using an empathic approach.

Living life for you and your family

I am focused on your happiness and well-being. I want you to live the life you deserve.

Confidentiality and Trust

I will ensure complete confidentiality and create a trusting and therapeutic relationship whether I work with you face to face or online.

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