The Vesta Approach

The Vesta Approach is based on a behavioural model of treatment for alcohol and other drug use. This means that through working with a ‘concerned family member’, even when your loved one has no intention of changing, you can influence change in their behaviour.

This means that although you can’t change a person, you can influence their substance use.

There are four main principles to the programme which are:

  1. Rewarding your loved one when sober
  2. Communication Techniques
  3. Disabling enabling behaviours
  4. Withdrawing when your loved one uses

The idea is that your loved one will start to think about getting help for their drug or alcohol use through me supporting you to respond differently to their behaviour.

I will teach you the skills you need to respond differently when your loved one drinks or uses drugs so that they realise they do need to change. It will be hard work but it will be worth it. We will work together step by step and not only improve your life but hopefully get them the treatment they need too.

Five Days Towards Family Recovery

This is an introduction to the Vesta Approach. 

This online, therapeutic programme will help you work towards you and your family recovering from your loved one’s alcohol or drug use. 

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The Vesta Programme Online

This is a twelve week programme following Five Days Towards Family Recovery. 

I will help you to put new strategies in place so you can recover from your loved one’s substance use, whether they decide to change or not. 

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The Vesta Programme

Individual Support Online

This option would suit you if you prefer support directly with me, rather than in an online therapeutic group. I deliver this face to face using Skype or Zoom. Don’t worry if you are not into technology as I will explain! Message me for a 30 minute consultation.

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The Vesta Programme

Individual Support

Face to Face

If you live in the Manchester area, I offer face to face sessions in a safe and therapeutic environment. 

I also offer a premium package if you would prefer I came to a venue of your choice to support you. This is particularly beneficial for anyone who requires a completely confidential and discreet service.

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